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Get packin’ and get the most of out of your spring travel wardrobe at Rung. Spend less. And look your best!

When it comes to packing, the name of the game is versatility. Let the style experts at Rung help you get several looks out of just a few pieces!

Go ask The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants… A single pair of jeans can go a loooong way. This fun look goes from casual to dressy (and cool to warm) with just the right jacket!

Gimme a break, Gimme a break… Workout wear can go from simply utilitarian to simply fabulous with the right scarf added. We’re loving these new arrivals from Moxie Moon, plus bright colors say “I’m ready for Spring!” and activewear says “I’m ready for a Break!” 

Have crossbody and yoga mat bags– WILL TRAVEL… Stay loose while you’re on the road with this fab yoga mat bag from Made For Freedom. Stay light while you’re on the go with a multi-pocket crossbody, and stay connected to your St. Louis do-gooder roots with an inspirational water bottle from Bravely! 

*Pro-tip: Make sure your reusable water bottle is empty before you go through security. 

They’re baaaaaack… Remember that single pair of jeans? Well, weren’t kidding when we said they can go a loooooong way. Here they are again with a super-cute top that says “I’m so ready for Spring Break!” without breaking the bank. 😉

Day-to-night-to-day-again… Almost any look can be transformed with the right accessories. A change of shoes, a simple-to-sparkle jewelry swap– it’s really that easy with the right styling advice. Currently at the top of OUR list: lightweight scarves in bright colors!

Feel like you could use a little help with your spring travel wardrobe? 

Book a 1-hour personal styling appointment at Rung!

It’s free, and we’ll make sure you get just what you need for a carefree getaway.


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2 Responses to Trend Report: Spring Break Looks for Less

  1. Pat says:

    LOVE this!! I’m ready;)

  2. Patricia White says:

    Great ideas. I’m hoping for a spring get-away, so let me see what I can get in my bag!!!

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