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St. John is one of the most sought-after labels at Rung, and we are lucky to regularly receive donations of the luxury clothing brand. After researching the company’s origins and learning about the quality, we understand why savvy resale shoppers seek it out. Of all the brands we see, we can confidently say St. John never loses its shape or color, and the styles are timelessly classic.

Co-founded by a woman, St. John has an inspirational and uniquely American history.  In honor of Women’s History Month and the women behind the St. John label, we are excited to share our very own list of…

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About St. John

  1. St. John was started by Marie Hermann, a fashion model at the time, and her fiance Robert Gray, as a way to earn extra money for their honeymoon in 1962.
  2. Marie Gray served as the both the Chief Designer and the first model for the brand.
  3. In the early 1980s, Robert and Marie Gray’s daughter Kelly started modeling for St. John Knits, eventually replacing her mom as the face of the brand. Kelly Gray continued to model while holding major roles in the company, including CEO.
  4. In 2013, Marie Gray and Kelly Gray launched Grayse, a new line of clothing that is influenced by St. John but focuses on dresses and separates, unlike the matching ensembles for which St. John is known.
  5. Marie Gray left St. John Knits in 2005 but continues to serve on the Board of Directors today.
  6. St. John has been worn by such notable women as First Lady Michelle Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Chrissy Teigen, Octavia Spencer, and more.
  7. St. John is credited with creating its own unique knit called Santana which features a special twist in the yarn to help the knit retain its shape over time. This knit is a signature of the brand.
  8. Since the 1980s, St. John has had their own dye lab to create consistent, never-fading colors. To ensure that the color of every garment matches perfectly, each piece of a garment is made back-to-back using the same spool of yarn.
  9. After the creation of a St. John jewelry line, all buttons and adornments are created in-house. The crystals and paillettes (those little sparkly pieces) are all applied by hand to each garment!
  10. Almost all St. John products are made at the brand headquarters in Irvine, California.

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as we enjoyed writing them! On March 16, 2017, we are rolling out one of the largest collections of St. John Knits we have ever had at one time. Their pieces last forever and can be worn in spring or fall. Come by Rung, and we will happily help you incorporate St. John into your unique style!

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