Pat Crawford - Rung Boutique

Pat Crawford, Sales AssociateUnknown

Before accepting her position at Rung Boutique, Pat Crawford was a stay-at-home mom who enjoyed every minute of raising her two awesome boys while her husband frequently traveled the world for his business. She also worked from home occasionally for various businesses, and has always stayed busy.

While it was important to take the time to be there for her family in a life that’s so precious and goes by so quickly, she’s found it an absolute blessing to have fallen into a position at Rung Boutique. Having fun helping people, letting her creative juices flow, and taking part in a great cause alongside an awesome and eclectic group of people is the ultimate package in her mind.

Pat finds it funny just how perfect it is for the next step on her journey to be enjoying the world of Rung Boutique; she has always believed in the idea of making treasures from other’s discarded items. She’s been known to capture an old door, mantle or table runner to make a unique and fun gift for her family’s loved and lived-in home!

While family and time with them is most important to Pat, she knows the team here and all the lives she touches at Rung Boutique will make her life richer and fuller. Food, fun, travel, outdoors, creative design, biking, relaxing with her husband (they have lots to catch up on) and friendship are the things she loves most in life.