Jigisha Patel - Rung Boutique

Jigisha Patel, Assistant Sales Manager

jpatelJigisha Patel has loved anything to do with fashion starting at a young age. She started out playing dress up with her mother’s clothes, then later began borrowing the clothes to supplement her own wardrobe. She strongly believes that a person can never have too many shoes, purses, or earrings.

Jigisha’s route to Rung Boutique came after a short career in scientific research. Rung has been a wonderful place to learn about resale, fashion merchandising, and she now gets to play dress up every day as the Assistant Sales Manager. It doesn’t get any better.

In her spare time, Jigisha teaches jewelry making via her YouTube channel. When she’s not turning beads into jewelry, she’s out shopping for more beads or eating at the great restaurants around St. Louis.