Guest Seller Spotlight: Forai, Jennifer Owens - Rung Boutique

As part of our mission of women helping women, we’re spotlighting Forai (Friends Of Refugees And Immigrants), a non-profit founded on fair trade principles that supports refugee and immigrant women as they begin home-based micro-businesses to supplement their incomes through the production of high quality, marketable jewelry and accessories. To get to know her, and Forai’s mission a little better, we asked Jennifer Owens, Executive Director of Forai, a few questions:

Describe your style: Comfortable, casual, and cute!
What is your favorite thing about Rung? I love that Rung is more than just a store with great clothes at great prices. It’s a store with a mission – a mission focused on empowering and supporting women and children. 
Who is your greatest female inspiration? Mother Theresa
If you could have dinner with any woman (living or dead) who would it be and why? Elisabeth Elliot, a missionary whose husband was murdered by a remote tribe in Ecuador (Auca Indians) when he and several others attempted to make contact with them. Elisabeth remained in Ecuador, and eventually had the opportunity to live (along with her 3-year-old daughter) among the very people who had murdered her husband and friends. I would love to sit with her and hear how God had worked in her life so profoundly that she could love and forgive the very people who had robbed her and her daughter of their husband and father. 
What is a cause that’s important to you? I am passionate about walking alongside and empowering refugee women in our community. My husband and I have had the privilege of traveling to different parts of the world and living overseas, which has given us a love for, and comfort with, other cultures. We deeply believe that we need to be in a relationship with folks from different cultures, races, etc. in order to understand one another more deeply and live more fully.

Visit our Guest Seller department or ask a Sales Associate to view and purchase Forai merchandise, as well as other items created by women in our community!
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