Guest Seller Program - Rung Boutique


Please Note: We are no longer accepting new Guest Sellers into the program.

At Rung, we value and support local women designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. As part of our mission of women helping women, we invite creative and innovative women in the St. Louis metropolitan area to sell their designs and wares in our store. We promote local talent and provide personal growth opportunities to women who are passionate about the work they do. We also invite local non-profits supporting women and children to sell items as fundraisers in our store.

JJ2By selling your work at Rung, you are helping enhance the community with unique products that are designed with love, care and thought. You want to make the art, and we want to support you.



Abandoned Souls NeckaceBy showcasing your work, you in turn help Rung foster a nurturing and thriving environment for women. Together, we are keeping St. Louis beautiful by featuring local art, designs and ideas generated by creative women.



By purchasing Guest Seller merchandise, you are investing into the community and making a difference in the lives of local women. Creativity and entrepreneurship in our area are vital to making St. Louis unique and exciting. By purchasing the merchandise, you keep our city awesome.

Why Guest Sellers are Important to Rung:

  • We care about, and support, the local community.  By featuring these wares in our store, Rung and the seller are working together to promote local talent.
  • We are a boutique that celebrates women.  We want to show off the awesome women in our community and all of their hard work.
  • Art, culture, and the uniqueness that comes with the work, have the ability to enhance a community. It is about personal enjoyment while simultaneously providing public involvement.
  • Handmade work nurtures the human spirit and is meant to enrich other people’s lives. Rung wants to be a part of that spirit and positivity.
  • Part of our mission is providing personal growth opportunities to women in the community.  By featuring guest sellers we empower women to reach their goals.
  • The Guest Seller provides Rung with fun products that are unique to our target audience and collectively, cannot be found anywhere else.


To learn more about the women and charities participating in our Guest Seller Program, please click here.

To learn how you can Be A Guest Seller, please click here.