Education & Outreach programs - Rung Boutique

Our purpose at Rung Boutique is so much more than selling beautiful fashion for a great price. We are also here to raise money for charities serving women and children, to help women fulfill their personal style desires, to give our generous donors’ wardrobes a whole new life, and to provide education and outreach opportunities to women and children.

kid3A Gathering Place–

Rung Boutique’s fun and uplifting atmosphere is perfect for workshops, presentations, and small charity events.


Giving Back–

Our primary purpose is to raise funds for Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and Nurses for Newborns. We also host drives and fundraisers for other organizations helping women and children in Greater St. Louis.



Charity Shopping– 

We have outfitted hundreds of women for emergency wardrobe replacement, internships, job searches and career advancement, often at no charge to them.





Growth Opportunities–

Job shadowing and internships are available for high school and college students pursuing a career in fashion retail or non-profit management.




Guest Sellers–

Local women designers, artists, and entrepreneurs, as well as charities serving women and children are invited to promote their work and sell their wares in our store. To learn more about our Guest Seller program and how you can participate, click here. 



If you represent an organization interested in partnering with us on an educational and outreach program for women and children, please send an email to We would love to hear from you.

To see how your donations and purchases help us help others, please go to our Annual Impact Report page.