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What can I donate to Rung Boutique?

We gratefully accept all women’s professional and business casual clothing, active wear, cocktail/formal attire and accessories including handbags, scarves, belts, shoes, hats, gloves and jewelry, as well as maternity and children’s attire (size newborn to juniors) and accessories. Your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We do ask that all items be current and in good condition. For health and safety reasons, we respectfully request all items be freshly cleaned. We do not accept soiled, damaged and/or worn items. Please use open-air bags, boxes (i.e. no sealed trash bags/sealed cardboard boxes) or hangers to transport your donations to Rung. Please note: we reserve the right to deny any and all donations that do not adhere to our guidelines.

Can anyone donate?

Yes! We accept donations from individuals, families, stores, manufacturers, and estates. From your closet to our community, your donations make a difference for women and children at all levels of their live’s ladders.

What items are really needed?

Please check out our Wish List! While we appreciate every donation, some items are in higher demand than others.

How do I make a donation?

We accept donations anytime we are open, and you may bring them right through our front door. While we prefer donations appropriate for the current season, we will accept all kinds of donations from any season. We ask that all clothing and linens be freshly cleaned and transported in open-air (unsealed) bags or boxes, or on hangers. (PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT NEED HANGERS.).

We also love receiving donations of jewelry, purses, belts, scarves, shoes, hats, strollers, toys, children’s books, diaper bags and other accessories.

For large volume donations, please make an appointment so we may assist with delivery. Just call the store ahead of time at 314-918-0575 or email

If you are representing a retailer or wholesaler, and your business would like to make a donation of goods, please call Mallarie at 314-918-0575 or send an email to to make special arrangements.

How do you get your donations?

Rung Boutique opened with approximately 2,000 pieces, thanks to the efforts of our founding president, Ali. After being open for a short time, word got out, donations poured in and they just keep coming! Most donations come from individuals, although some brand new items come from local boutiques with the tags still on! We now receive donations from our very generous, and fashionable, donor base several times a day. We just can’t brag enough about our donors!

Are all donated items tax-deductible?

Rung, Ltd. is a 501c3 non-profit, and our tax ID # is 27-1053515. Your donations of cash and goods (clothing, etc.) are tax-deductible to the extent the law allows. We can only give tax-deductible credit for items that are in good, merchandisable condition. If an item is too worn or too damaged or if it is something we don’t sell such as furniture, worn or discount-store kids’ shoes, men’s clothing, housewares, undergarments, sleep/swim/gym wear, car seats, drop-side cribs or stuffed animals; they will not show up on your year-end tax receipt. However, we will try to pass these items onto another non-profit that needs them.

What happens to donated items that are not sold?

Items not sold at Rung Boutique, but still in good condition, are passed on to other non-profit organizations. Most items are given to St. Louis Adventist Community Services, which is a food bank supported by sales at their thrift store. Some we give to Nurses for Newborns and St. Louis Crisis Nursery. As an organization committed to reducing, reusing and recycling, we take every measure to ensure anything donated in good condition finds a good home. Even donated hangers go to a local church that provides free clothing to those in need!

When can I drop off donations?

Anytime we’re open! If you have a large donation, we can meet you at the back of the store and help you unload everything. Just call the store ahead of time at 314-918-0575 or come on in and let us know you’d like someone to meet you around back.

Can I donate furniture?

We do not accept furniture, however we recommend these nearby non-profit resale stores that do:

What type of donations will Rung Boutique NOT accept?

We accept everything but furniture; we just don’t process everything for resale.

We do not sell furniture, housewares, men’s wear, sleepwear, swimwear, undergarments, worn or discount-store kids’ shoes, lingerie, stuffed animals, or car seats. Also, we will not resell soiled, damaged and/or worn items. Please note: we reserve the right to deny any and all donations that do not adhere to our guidelines.

What if I don’t have time to sort all the items I wish to donate?

We understand that many of our donors are very busy and may not have time to separate out all of the items they want to donate to a good cause. Therefore, we will:

  • accept all the freshly cleaned items you’re donating, and
  • donate the items that we do not intend to sell to another appropriate charitable organization; At this time, most of the items we cannot sell are donated to Saint Louis Adventist Community Services, which runs a thrift store to support their food bank.

How does the process for receiving tax-deductible credit for my donations work?

When you donate items, we take your contact information and your signature on our donation form. We then process your donations in our computer system. For your tax purposes, we will generate an annual itemized list of the donated items we intend to sell and send this list to you as soon as possible after the first of the year.

Please note: WE CANNOT PROCESS THE ITEMS WE DO NOT INTEND TO SELL. This means that the items we do not intend to sell will not show up on your itemized statement at the close of the tax year, but they will be passed on to another worthy and appreciative non-profit.

If you need a tax deduction for all of your items, we recommend removing the items we may not sell before coming to the store or creating your own itemized list and keeping it on file for your tax records.

Download a PDF of our Donations Quick Guide for printing and sharing.