Alison Kindle Hogan - Rung Boutique

Alison Kindle, Owner of Rung & SprungAlison Kindle Hogan, Founder/President

Rung’s visionary founder and president Alison (Ali) Kindle Hogan, brings together her wide range of professional, personal and community experiences to lead the organization with compassion, integrity and style. The granddaughter of Enterprise Holdings founder Jack C. Taylor, Ali is applying the same spirit of entrepreneurship he exemplified to support and empower women and children in the St. Louis area by providing fashionable attire at affordable prices and professional and personal growth opportunities in a fun, uplifting boutique atmosphere.

Ali began her professional career as an intern with the Enterprise’s Corporate Accounts and Public Relations departments while attending James Madison University. After graduating in 2003 with her degree in Communications, Ali entered the retail arena as a hostess for The Cheesecake Factory’s Honolulu location, eventually working her way up to Operations Support Technician with responsibilities for the restaurant’s finances and balance sheet. In 2005, she moved back to St. Louis and accepted a position as Travel Director for Maritz Travel Company where her responsibilities included coordination and on-site execution of events and programs for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. (Bio continues below the video.)

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ali is a founding member of Young Friends of Forest Park Forever, a group of young professionals supporting the park through fun and lively social events around St. Louis. She is also a long-time volunteer with the Humane Society of St. Louis.  She has assisted the organization in its development, animal rescue, public relations and education efforts and is a member of the Friends Council.

Ali and her husband Kyle Hogan have one daughter, Kylie, and a second daughter is on the way. In July 2016, Ali’s grandfather Jack C. Taylor passed away after a brief illness at the age of 94. His integrity, optimism and spirit of service lives on through Ali and her family’s commitment to giving back and supporting the St. Louis community.