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What is Rung Boutique?

Rung Boutique is a high-end, non-profit resale boutique that serves the greater Saint Louis area and supports local women and children. Rung, Ltd. is the 501c3 organization that oversees the operations of Rung Boutique and all of its education and outreach programs.

What is Rung Boutique’s mission?

To support and empower women and children in the St. Louis area by providing fashionable attire at affordable prices, as well as professional and personal growth opportunities, in a fun and uplifting high-end resale boutique atmosphere.

Fortunately, looking good and doing good are not mutually exclusive. A significant portion of our net profits goes to support the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and Nurses for Newborns. Rung Boutique and Rung Kids is a great place for women to change lives just by changing out their closets!

How long has Rung Boutique been open?

Rung opened our doors to the public on April 17, 2010 as a high-end resale boutique for women’s clothing and accessories. We expanded to include kids’ clothing as Sprung in February 2013, and evolved again in April 2015 into Rung Boutique to better serve our customers, donors, and mission. In the fall of 2017, we will close the store and re-emerge as a totally new concept in a new location. To learn about our transformation, please click here. 

What was your makeover all about?

We invite you to visit our redesigned retail store in the same location, 9741 Manchester Rd. Our high-end resale boutique has evolved with you and our mission in mind to provide the best possible experience for customers and donors to give back. Our refreshing new space simplifies shopping, showcases our valued donations in the best way possible, and enables us to give back even more to our community.

What is Rung Kids?

Sprung is now Rung Kids! Having gained a better understanding of what parents want thanks to the hard work and contributions from our donors, shoppers, and members of our team, we’re delighted to apply what we’ve learned to bring you Rung Kids. This thoughtfully crafted children’s department inside the newly re-imagined Rung Boutique features just what parents need and nothing they don’t. Click here to learn more.

Do you donate proceeds to specific non-profit organizations?

Rung Boutique gives a significant portion of our net profits to two primary beneficiaries, the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and Nurses for Newborns. We also partner with other organizations benefiting women and children to further our service to the community. If your organization is interested in partnering with Rung, please contact our Executive Director, Mallarie N. Zimmer at director@shoprung.org.

What is the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis, and what do they do?

The Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis is a group of women volunteers who make charitable investments in programs that provide stabilization for at-risk women and their children. The Foundation examines local and national issues that impact women and girls. It funds community projects that support the educational, socio-economic and health needs of women facing challenges that inhibit their full participation in our communities. For more information, please visit their website at wfstl.org. Their phone number is 314-780-3956.

What is Nurses for Newborns, and what do they do?

Nurses for Newborns is an organization that helps support families at risk by helping to prevent child abuse, infant mortality, and child neglect through home based programs. With a dedicated staff of nurses, Nurses for Newborns visits homes to provide education and basic necessities to parents in St. Louis and the surrounding area. For more information, please visit their website at nfnf.org. Their phone number is 314-544-3433.

Why don’t you give away all of the profits?

We may choose to reserve some profits to reinvest in the business so that Rung Boutique can continue to grow, however a significant portion of our net profits goes to support the Women’s Foundation of Greater St. Louis and Nurses for Newborns.

Who designed the layout of Rung Boutique?

Ali Kindle Hogan, the founder of Rung, wanted our customers to have a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience in a boutique-style environment. With the help of a very talented team, Ali was able to make her vision a reality by using warm and inviting colors, textures and lighting. Also, the fixtures are modular, and can be moved around the store to accommodate workshops and events.

How is everything organized and merchandised at Rung Boutique?

Women’s and children’s merchandise are usually separate from each other, with a few occasional display crossovers. Then merchandise is organized into sections, sometimes by item type (e.g. tops and sweaters), sometimes by occasion (e.g. active wear, business attire, formal wear), and sometimes by size. Children’s attire in our Rung Kids department is almost always organized entirely by size. We also often have a designer section, a clearance section, and a special section for our Guest Sellers. Within each section, we like to organize items by type and size. We also base our merchandising decisions on trends and seasons, much like other fashion retail shops. All off-season merchandise is stored off the sales floor.

What is the Guest Seller Program?

The Guest Seller Program is an extension of our mission of women helping women. Female entrepreneurs, artists, and designers living in the St. Louis metropolitan area “guest sell” their original, handcrafted items in our store on consignment where our clients can support them and learn about their work. 

We are no longer accepting applications for our Guest Seller program.

If you have questions about our Guest Seller program, please contact our Visual Display & Merchandising Manager, Christina Verbarg at christina@shoprung.org.

What special events are hosted at Rung Boutique?

Many of the events at our store are open to the public, and we participate in lots of collaborative and cultural events around the St. Louis metro area. Additionally, we host health screenings, happy hours, classes, shopping parties for women in need, and more. Check out our online Events calendar for upcoming events, promotions, sales, trunk shows and artwork exhibitions.

Is Rung Boutique available as an event venue?

Yes, but only through September 30, 2017. Our boutique space can comfortably accommodate small groups for shopping parties, luncheons, networking events, meetings, workshops and more. Send an email to manager@shoprung.org to learn more. Please note: after September 30, 2017, the store will no longer be open to the public. 

Does Rung Boutique have a volunteer program?

Because the work we do is very specialized and requires a lot of training, we do not have a traditional volunteer program. Instead we hire the most qualified and dedicated staff to serve our customers and donors.

Does Rung Boutique offer internships?

We are no longer offering internships.

How do I apply for employment at Rung Boutique?

We are no longer accepting applications for employment.

Where is Rung Boutique with the Rung Kids department located?

We are located on Manchester Road in Rock Hill across the street from the Hacienda Restaurant and next door to Cici’s Pizza. Our address is 9741 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63119.

Rung Boutique is east of 270 and Lindbergh and west of Brentwood. If you are coming from Highway 40, you will want to take the McKnight exit and go south (left if coming from the east; right if coming from the west) on McKnight. Then take a right (west) on Manchester Rd. Rung is on the left (north) side of the street.

Is this your only location?

Yes, this is currently the only Rung Boutique location.

Do you know of any other resale shops in the area?

Yes, there are a few resale shops near Rung Boutique. We have compiled this list of resale shops as a service to our donors and shoppers.

What is Rung Boutique’s contact info?

We can be reached in a variety of ways.

Visit: 9741 Manchester Rd, St. Louis, MO 63119

Email: info@shoprung.org

Call: 314-918-0575

Fax: 314-918-0595

Website: shoprung.org

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